Seabrook Island Club Amenities

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Seabrook Island Club Amenity Card required to access Club (golf, tennis, dining, and facilities) and SIPOA Lake House facilities.

Amenity access to the Seabrook Island Club is available IF the property owner holds a Seabrook Island Club membership. All SEABROOK guests have access to the Lake House, with pools and gym facilities, with an additional fee. Daily, weekly, and monthly passes are available. 

An amenity card is required to use the Seabrook Island Club, including the Beach Club pools, two golf courses, tennis center, and clubhouse dining. If your property includes the amenity card access with your reservation, it will be clearly advertised in the unit description.

If your property does not include amenity cards, it will be your responsibility to pay for access to the Club. It will be clearly stated in the unit description if the property does not include amenity cards. We will provide an application for you to complete and send it to the Club Amenity Office. No refunds, discounts, or other considerations will be made for amenity access or lack thereof.

If you are unsure if the amenity fee is included in the rate quote, please contact Seabrook Exclusives. Once a reservation is confirmed with a contract no discounts, property switches or other compensation will be offered.

All charges accrued by Guest as a result of amenity use, as well as any refunds due to Guest for amenity use, are managed by and the sole responsibility of the Club at Seabrook Island. The agent is not affiliated with and has no control over Seabrook Island Club, SIPOA, or any amenities. The agent has no control over, is not responsible for any untimely construction, amenity hours of operation, or amenity closures. The agent does not guarantee the availability of amenities or area activities (ex. beach, golf, tennis, pools, restaurants, retail stores, etc.). No refunds or discounts will be offered due to the unavailability of amenities, amenity closures, or unavailability of area activities.


2024 Beach Club Access and Rules for Rental Guests

The Seabrook Island Club welcomes you to enjoy your stay at our beautiful barrier island paradise! To access the club amenities, you must have Rental Guest Amenity Cards. You can arrange for your amenity cards, in advance, through your rental property agent, or by calling the Amenity Services Office at 843-768-3942. 

  1. Use of the pool and beach facilities, at any time, is at the user's risk.
  2. Children under 12 years of age and older children without the ability to swim on their own must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. Children 3 years of age or younger are not allowed in the large pool.
  3. Swimming is permitted only during posted pool operating hours. Gates open for members at 9:00 AM and renters at 10:00 AM.
  4. Smoking is not permitted inside the beach club and or pool areas.
  5. Drinking glasses, glass bottles, and other glass objects are not permitted in the pool area and adjacent club beach area.
  6. All Members, Guests and Renters must use club provided beach towels. You must have your Amenity Card to access these complimentary towels. The towels are microchipped and if not returned that same day, you will incur a $20 replacement fee.
  7. Outside food and beverage is not permitted inside the beach club and pool areas. All food and beverage must be purchased from the club.
  8. No coolers are permitted inside the beach club and pool areas unless there is medical reason and must be approved by staff and tagged.
  9. Members, their guests, and rental guests holding valid amenity cards may use the pool facilities, and the adjacent beach area at no charge. Identification will be requested by pool personnel; club members must carry membership cards and unaccompanied guests of members (including rental guests) must carry amenity cards as identification. Members can use the Club app on their phone to display their membership card.
  10. Showers are required prior to entering the pool to remove suntan products.
  11. Children not toilet trained are required to always wear swim diapers in the club's pools and are not allowed in the large pool at any time. Members and guests who violate this policy will be charged $200 per violation to cover cleaning costs.
  12. Running, throwing balls and noisy or hazardous activity will not be permitted in the pool area and adjacent club beach area.
  13. Members, guests, and children may not sit or play on pool steps, which must be kept open.
  14. Diving is not permitted in any of the pools.
  15. FlotaJion devices are permitted for non-swimming children. Non-swimming children must be accompanied in the water by their parent or adult guardian. Flotation devices should be attached to the child/person (vest, backpack, water wings).
  16. Audio listening devices (radios, iPods, etc.) may be used only with earphones in the pool area and adjacent club beach area. Music is provided for the beach club areas.
  17. Persons using pool furniture are required to cover the furniture with a towel when using suntan products as these products damage the furniture.
  18. All food and/or beverages for consumption in the pool areas are allowed only in designated areas, which are defined as at least three (3) feet from the pools' edges.
  19. Pets, other than service dogs, may not be brought to the pool area or adjacent club beach area.
  20. Portable cabanas and tents will not be allowed in the beach club areas.

For all hours of operation visit